InPage VIEW & FORMAT menus explained

InPage Menu


View Menu:

You can change the lay of your document by this menu. In View menu, there will be following items.

Fit in Window

50 %


200 %

Facing pages

Hide ribbon

Hide tools

Hide rulers

Hide Guides

Show invisibles

Snap to guides.

Inpage menu View

1:View Menu: FIT IN WINDOW

This will help you to see the complete vision of the document is scaled down to fit in the display window. You will see one page or two pages scaled down to fit in the display window. But it will depending on whether you are facing pages mode or non facing mode.

2: View menu: 50 %

The complete vision portion of the document is scaled down by 50%. Thus the visible pages and the objects on these visible pages are all scaled by 50%.

3: View menu: ACTUAL

From this option you can view your document in the normal way means in its actual size. It will not be wrong, If we say that by choosing this option you can view your document in 100 % scaled mode.

4: View menu: 200 %

This option will show you your document up to 200 %

5: View menu: FACING PAGES

In this mode two adjacent pages of the document are displayed side by side on the screen. While in the non-facing pages mode, only one will be displayed at a time.

6: View menu: HIDE/SHOW RIBBON

If you want more working space on the screen you can use this option to hide the ribbon. After choosing this ribbon will be hidden and the document along with the rulers will shift up to occupy space created by the ribbon. This option will now change to Show ribbon and if you want ribbon later, you can choose Show ribbon to get back that.

7: View menu: HIDE/ SHOW TOOLS

If you want more working space on your screen you can Hide tools by using this option and if you want to get back the tools in your screen select Show tools again,

8: View menu: HIDE/ SHOW RULERS

You can hide the horizontal and the vertical rulers by using this option.

9: View menu: HIDE/ SHOW GUIDES

To hide the Guides , this option will help you. After selecting this you will get your document without guides like Text Box guides, Picture Box guides, Page guides etc.


Toggle will displayed the invisible characters. When invisibles will be displayed following invisible characters will be displayed with special markers.

Space as .

Tab as arrow key

Line end character as ¶.

11: View menu: SNAP TO GUIDES

You can select this item to snap objects to guides. A check mark against this item indicates that the objects created or moved will snap to guides as. If you want to disable snapping to guides then select this menu item again.


Format menu:






Text wrap

Sort text

Table Format

Table Layout




Master Page Objects


Displays Format Guide dialogbox

Style Sheets

Define Colors

Inpage menu Format


1: Format menu: Character

Inpage menu Format 1 a


This option will help you to define your document character.



2: Format menu: Paragraph

Inpage menu Format 2 a

This option will help you to make paragraph setting .

ALIGNMENT will help you to choose left, centered, right, justified and forced justify Alignment style.


Beginning: This option sets the Indent amount at beginning of line for lines after the first line of selected Paragraphs.

End: This option will set the Indent amount at end of line for all lines in the selected Paragraphs.

First line: this option will set the Indent value for first lines of selected Paragraph.


This option will let you to choose the height of each line by choosing its sub options “Line Height” of each line in selected paragraph.

PARAGRAPGH SPACING: You can also choose Paragraph spacing from this option.

3: Format menu: Hyphenation:

Inpage menu Format 3 a

You can control hyphenation in Roman Text from this option.

4: Format menu: Borders:

Inpage menu Format 4 a


You can specify Borders attributes from this option. It will allow you to specify Border Before or After, Border type, Border Thickness and Color.

5: Format menu: Tabs

This option will help you to set tab positions and tab attributes for the selected Paragraphs.

6: Format menu: Text Wrap

This option will enables or disables the text wrap feature for the currently selected text chain.

7: Format menu: Sort Text

Inpage menu Format 7 a


This will enables or disables the text wrap feature for the currently selected text chain.

8: Format menu: Table Format

This option will help you to format the table in terms of Cell Width, Cell Fill Color, Cell Border and indents within the Cell.

9: Format menu: Table Layout

The Table Layout option will allow you to carry out the following operations.


10: Format menu: Object

There you can select the setting of your Object like you can choose that Object Origin ACROSS and Origin DOWN, its WIDTH/ HEIGTH

11: Format menu: Runaround

You can set the Runaround values along the four sides of the selected Objects.

12: Format menu: Inset

You can specify the inset values for the Text box from this option. The text in the selected Textbox will always be inset by the specified values.

13: Format menu: Master Page Objects

This will allow you to format all master page objects on the specified range of pages. For example FROM PAGE /TO PAGE, HIDE OBJECT OF MASTER PAGE, SHOW OBJECTS OF MASTER PAGE, RESTORE OBJECTS FROM MASTER PAGE.

14: Format menu: Document

Inpage menu Format 14 a


Like the New menu in the File menu, it will allow you to do setting of your document pages in terms of their SIZES, ORIENTATION , MARGINS and COLUMNS etc.

15: Format menu: Displays Format Guide Dialogbox

You can view all the guides in the currently selected page. Vertical and Horizontal guides will displayed separately as lists, you can also construct Grid of Guides by clicking on the Grid button.

16: Format menu: Style Sheet

You can define you custom style sheets by selecting this option.

17: Format menu: Define Color

Inpage menu Format 17 a

You can define you custom colors by choosing this option.


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