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Web browsers are a software applications for recovering , displaying and pass throughing information resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is classified by a Uniform Resource Identifier ( URI/ URL) and may be a web page, image, video or other piece of content. Hyperlinks present in resources enable users easily to operate their browsers to related resources.

Web browsers are primarily proposed to use the World Wide Web, they can also be used to access information provided by web servers in private networks or files in file systems.

In this article you will come to know about the most commonly used top 5 web Browsers with download links and useful information about them.


Google Chrome Operating System:

google-chrome-os image


Google Chrome is a Google’s web browser. Its rate 61.36 % among the web browsers according to the market share rating. It is a young, fast browser that can browse any web page.

Its launched in 2008 by Google, and now it is the most used browser today and its popularity continues growing day by day.

It is a program that’s very easy to use. Its single bar, Omnibox, lets you enter web addresses and search Google. Going on what you have written, Google Chrome then suggests results from your browsing history, favorite web pages, or applications you already have installed.

Besides this, its also have some useful features including quick calculation system, developer resources, drag or drop downloads and searches.

Its can also enables multiple profiles in one window and it will allow you to access your printer from any enabled web app through Google Cloud Print.

When you will connect to a Google account, chrome will able to integrate browsing data and tabs between multiple PCs and devices. It’s a very convenient option if you use Chrome for Android or iOS.

There is another key point that highlights Chrome’s Service is the quick start page, where you can access the sites you visit the most, your favorite web applications, or recently closed tabs.

Here is the download link of Google Chrome.


Mozilla Firefox Operating System:

Firefox image


Mozilla Firefox has been created in 2006 to compete with Internet Explorer. Its become very popular in very short period as its works on Windows, Mac operating system X and Linux and it is most standard-compliant browsers. Its simple and effective UI, browser speed and strong security capabilities also make it popular among the users. Its rate 23.6 % in the market share among the most popular browsers. It is free web browser. Its is offering numerous features and personalize options. Its performance is excellent and it is designed to protect your privacy.

Its includes certain features that can be drawn-out through a vast catalog of extensions.

Firefox offers tabbed browsing. It also has as integrated search engine and is easily customizable.

It is fast, light and tidy open source web browser. It has all-in-one address and search bar, although it also has a separate search bar that you can use to browse in Google, Yahoo, Bing or even other websites, like dictionaries, Wikipedia etc. it support HTML5, CSS3 and it enables developers to create full screen video content and apps.

You can also get this browser by clicking on Download link.


Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer image


Internet explorer is one most commonly and oldest browser. It got 8.0 % rating in market share that prove its use has increasingly decreased through the years.

IE newest version Internet Explorer 11 features some interesting things that could gain the attention of it users again.

It is faster, has a cleaner interface, smaller notifications, security is upgraded and features tab isolation.

It also has one box for both addresses and web search. Its Accelerator allow supported applications to be conjured without accurately navigating to them.

It supports HTML5, CSS3 and SVG.

You can download its latest version from here .

Safari Browser:

Safari browser images


Safari is newly designed web browser introduced by Apple Inc. included with the operating system X and iOS operating systems. It became Apple’s default browser beginning with Mac OS X v 10.3. the native browser of iOS is also called Safari, but is has a different Graphical UI and uses a different webkit version and Application Programming Interface.

It is ranked in forth number with the 3.7 % market share rating. It also supports HTML5, CSS3 and SVG.

The most attractive feature of this browser is that it removes advertisements and pop-ups and leaves just the text, to allow you to read any given article without being bothered by these.


Opera Browser :

Opera Operating System image


Opera is a web browser created by Opera Software. It is a browser for Android . Its latest version is available for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux operating system. It is newly added browsers in top 5 ranking. Though it shows on the number 5 but still it offers very good features. Its extra features make it stand out and none more so than the Turbo mode. Yet again you’ll notice the tabbed browsing experience that feel comparatively squared compared with Firefox and Chrome, and closer to IE in terms of looks.

It’s easier than ever to take all that you find fun, interesting or just plain entertaining on the web with you. And, you can easily share your bookmarks with anyone on the web. The browser also bluster aggressive launch and page load times and comprehensive user support. Such versatile facility would make Opera a first-rate internet browser, if not for some interruption unity compatibility issues.

You can download it from here.

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