How to delete Facebook Account?

If you are fed up with your Facebook account want to get rid of ,there are two ways to do that.

First is to deactivate your Facebook account which can later be re-Active.

Second option you can delete your Facebook account for permanently.

You will find “ De-activate” option on your setting>> Security





At the bottom of the same page you will see “ Deactivate Your Account” option



Once you will Deactivate your Facebook account,  you will be disappear from the Facebook until you re-activate your account. Your friends will not be able to see your profile , your photos etc. if they will try to find you through your profile URL, they will notice that may be you have block them . but after Re-activate your account everything becomes fine.

But, once you will Delete your Facebook account you cannot re-activate it. So, it is necessary , before deleting your Facebook account you have to download all your data including photos and videos.

You can do that by Setting >>> General>>>>>Download a Copy of your Facebook Data.



After that you can Delete your Account




According to Facebook policy , after deleting your Facebook account your Data may remain on some places for example some pictures and posts will take almost 90 days to remove properly.

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