Alarm & Clock app of Windows 10

It’s a time when you can set an alarm and timer on your PCs, Laptop and tablet by using Windows 10

The “ Alarm & Clock” app is not a new thing that introduced in Windows 10 infact it was first introduced in Windows 8 but due to the abysmal acceptance rate , little was made of its presence. This app, known simply as “Alarms”, has gotten a remodeling and get a new feature “World Clock”, which we’ll talk about shortly.


With the help of this app user can set alarm on your windows by just clicking on the “+” in the bottom right corner.

Windows 10 Alarm image 1

You can give your new alarm a proper name and set the time by clicking on the hour, minute, and AM/PM.

Windows 10 Alarm image 2

You can also select the day when you want the alarm by clicking on the required day. And if you want it only once occur then leave it as is.

Windows 10 Alarm image 3

Click “Sound” to choose the alarm sound you want to hear when it goes off. wistfully, unlike alarms in Android and iOS, it does not appear as though you can assign custom tones or songs.

Windows 10 Alarm image 4

Lastly , if you want to configure the snooze period, you can choose from 5, 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes.

Windows 10 Alarm image 5

When you’re done, click the disk icon to save your new alarm, or the trash icon to delete it.

World Clock:

This is the new addition that you will find in this apps. Windows has always had the ability to add up to two additional clocks in the “Date and Time” control panel.

Windows 10 World clock image 1

After added, they appear when you click on the clock in the system tray.

Windows 10 World clock image 2

This  feature will let you seemingly add as many as you want, so you will always know what time it is wherever.

Windows 10 World clock image 3

To add a new clock, click the “+” symbol in the bottom-right corner and type your clock’s location.

Windows 10 World clock image 4



Timers is another welcome addition to the Windows operating system.

Windows 10 Timer image 1

Like above  you can also click the “+” sign here in the bottom-right corner, you can name it select your timer’s duration

Windows 10 Timer image 2

Click on the play button to start your countdown. You can then pause or reset it.

Windows 10 Timer image 3



Lastly Stopwatch is another new addition. The stopwatch is super simple to use, just tap or click the play button to begin. You can record lap times by tapping the circular icon to the left of the play button.

Windows 10 Stop watch image 1

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