Use Whatsapp without using Internet

There is no doubt that WhatsApp became very popularly messaging app in very short time and this reputation is growing day by day.

Now this all time favorite app comes out with another useful feature. Now you can use this messaging app without internet.

There are many different ways, which will help you to use your favorite without internet.


First of all, you need to update your WhatsApp iOS to the latest WhatsApp version 2.17.1. Now, this allows sending the message to any contact in your list without having internet connection. Previously if anyone was trying to send messages without having internet connection the message cannot be sent unless the internet is back on the phone. The send button would be disabled when the device doesn’t have a strong connection. But now your messages will be queued to chat and will automatically be sent when it will get an internet connection. This feature was available on Android for more than a year, but iOS users are only getting it now. Also, you will be getting an option to send 30 photos or videos at a time if you update your WhatsApp, according to the app’s changelog on iTunes.


How To Send Whatsapp Messages without internet in iPhone:


In addition to this iPhone users need to free up their phone storage by deleting some videos, GIF, images etc. which are not important to them as they have only a limited storage capacity. To do this they can go to mobile Settings -> Data and storage usages ->Storage usages and then select the files type they want to delete and then tap on clear. This is necessary for iPhone users as they have limited storage and specially for 16 GB models. Apple iPhone users running iOS 7 or higher can instantly update or download the updated version of WhatsApp from app store from iTunes.



How to use WhatsApp without internet: manage the backlog

So many messages go past us, it’s tough to get to them all. Sometimes, we brush right past important messages from our contacts and don’t even know it. If you don’t have an internet connection, then it’s a good time to get started on cleaning up that backlog of messages.


If you don’t have an internet connection, you can browse, read and delete all of your past messages. You can view your photos and videos and sort through them. After you look at your messages you can create drafts so when you get back online your messages will just send automatically. Think of it as a good opportunity to get caught up with your messages.

How to use WhatsApp without internet: WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger

WhatsApp Bluetooth Messenger is a way to use WhatsApp without internet connectivity. But even the name should set alarm bells ringing, because Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that has nothing to do with the internet. Have you ever heard someone say, “Hey guys! It doesn’t matter that we don’t have phone or internet signal! I have Bluetooth!”? Exactly.


The fact the app isn’t in Google Play is also alarming. It uses the WhatsApp name without having any connection to WhatsApp the company (its developers are ‘Awesome Developers’, not WhatsApp Inc). It also doesn’t use WhatsApp usernames or passwords. This is not an authorized app from WhatsApp and could breach the terms and conditions of the official WhatsApp: so be careful.

How to use WhatsApp without internet: using ChatSim


ChatSim is just like a normal sim card you are using in your mobile phones which are manufactured in Milan, Italy. By inserting this ChatSim in your mobile phone you can make the call and communicate with your friends and can use Whatsapp without having an internet connection. Not only WhatsApp you can also use other messaging apps like Hike, BBM, WeChat and much more.

Steps to Send Whatsapp Messages without Internet:

First, you need to purchase Chatsim for one Year which costs 950 Rs

After that, you need to activate Chatsim with a number

Enter the 20-digit verification number on the sim card

Once your sim is activated then you can send text messages

This will also work for media and voice calling

Technically, using ChatSim does use the internet – but it uses somebody else’s internet, so that doesn’t really count. It’s a roaming service: so if you’re in a location where you can’t get your usual phone network provider’s data signal, or if you’re traveling and there’s no Wi-Fi around and data roaming is prohibitively expensive, then ChatSim might be the answer.


It’s a chat-specific global SIM card that’s struck deals with a whole range of mobile operators to deliver data and MMS services. With the SIM installed everything’s automatic: if you’re in range of a partner’s data service, your phone connects to it and you can WhatsApp away to your heart’s content.

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