New Features added in WhatsApp BETA

Here is your favorite messaging app WhatsApp again with its new features. In which the most is that now you can know that who is ignoring your messages on WhatsApp.

To get this feature you, you have to go  “settings,” “account,” and then “privacy,” users of the messaging app can turn on (or off) this feature. This new feature is available for everyone, you have to upgrade your WhatsApp to very recent version.

Another latest feature of WhatsApp beta installments is the 2.12.489 version, including link copying (previously you had to snag the whole chat) and more granular chat clearance, with added options to delete chats older than 30 days or 6 months, you will get the ability to send documents.

Yes its right, now you can exchange Doc on WhatsApp, though at the moment you can only send PDF files, and even that is seemingly no-go for iOS users, but the feature is present in the Android beta. Grab the latest 2.12.489 beta APK from the source link below, and side load it on your Android handset if you are interested in the new goods.

These could be a very important features for the WhatsApp since it is one of the most (if not the most) used messaging platform; reaching around 27 billion messages world-wide by 2013. In recent year 2016, WhatsApp has reached a billion users globally. This application is not only used for personal chat, but also for businesses and as well as international calls and messages.


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