Twitter will provide group chat and video sharing

After a long time, continually focusing on a same thing twitter decided to introduce something different for its users. Twitter decided to introduce group chat and video sharing features. The new feature expands that capability to allow shared exchanges involving as many as 20 people, while currently twitter users can chat with only one user at a time. Besides users can share 30 seconds video with their friends also. The Twitter application for smartphones has also been modified to allow people to easily capture, edit and share videos.
Twitter’s application for iPhones will also let people upload video from camera rolls on devices, and that capability is to be available soon on Android-powered smartphones. Before twitter, this facility was available in very famous messaging app what’s app, where user can do group chat and video sharing.
In October, Twitter said the number of monthly users grew 23% from a year earlier to 284 million. And According to twitter, its 284 million user can enjoy these new features.

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