Keeping kids away from suspicious content while they surf the web is an ongoing battle, and there’s a new site that’s looking to help.

Its kids friendly search engine named “Thinga”.

It’s not the first kid-attracted search engine out there (others include GoGooligans and KidRex), but the idea is to create a site that suits to contemporary kids.

Heinley the developer of Thinga described it as “a walled garden.” kids can type in the way that they’re attentive in, but all the Thinga results come from the company’s content library, without ads.

Thinga is created for kids in elementary school and create content in sections like Video, Cool and Animals if a user isn’t looking for something specific.

. Parents can also customize the controls on their own. The site works on mobile, too, and there are also plans to build a native app.

At the time this search engine is free to use, but Heinley expects that in the future, the company will be able to generate funds through a subscription kids magazine called Boom. Alternatively parents or users who want to support Thinga can buy a variety of merchandise from their online store.

You can checkout this new search engine from here.

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