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Drupal is a free and online journal and it is used as a back-end plan for at least 2.1 % of all website in the worldwide.

In this article you will learn how can you install Drupal. You will find step by step instruction to install the Drupal CMS application.

Step 1:

Download and Installation:

Download and install file from by choosing your required version from the provided package

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Step 2:

Install File on your Account:

You can do that via FTP client like Filezilla or you can do that through cPanel >>>> File Manager >>>> Upload file(s) .


After the installation completed, the script will appear when you will write something like in your web browser.

Step 3:

Uploading File:

Now you have to extract the file in your computer and then upload the file in your desired folder through FTP

Step 4:

Create MySQL Database:

After extracting files, you have to create a MySQL database for Drupal. You can do that simply from cPanel >>>>MySQL databases. There you have to create database and add user to it.

Step 5:

Installation Profile:

There you have to navigate to the URL of your Drupal site and run install.php file. Choose the default profile setting for Drupla application.

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Step : 6

Desire Language:

At this step you have to choose default language.

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Step 7:

Enter the Database:

Here you need you enter you database details which you have alaready creted in Step 4, after click on the “ save and continue” button

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Step 8:

Site information:

Your installation process in finished. Now you need to enter site information and administration login details.

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Step 9:

Installation is completed:

Your Drupal installation application is completed and now can proceed to your website.

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