Face book is going to block in some country

facebook blocked In many countries Facebook has to publish its content after censoring it. It’s not according to any Facebook own rules but it’s from the government request of that countries. Pakistan, turkey and India are included in those countries who has to pull down several photos and pages ever year that’s religiously offensive.


In the first half of last year, Facebook blocked 5,000 pages in India, about 2,000 pages pulled down in turkey while almost same quantity of pages blocked in Pakistan as well. You can still see those photos and comments outside of those countries.

This information comes from Facebook sources which keeps a running record on its public “Government Requests Report” website.

Pages blocking request are only from Pakistan, India and turkey but also many progressive countries requested Facebook to block some “pieces of content” in which France, Germany and the United Kingdom are listed.

Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook, said that Facebook is taking all matters very seriously, and trying to sort out it according to the governments of that countries who have issues on Facebook contents.

But still pressure is on. If these countries blocked the use of facebook ,a competitor will just swoop in and take its place.

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