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Which cloud storage is suitable for you?


If you’re still not sure that which storage device is suitable for you to store your files, photos and more in the cloud, then this article will help you a lot to choose your desire service.

There are many services available which are offering different plans at different price. These services offers different set of features. But the main point is this that which service offers the most amount of storage for the less amount of money? Which offers the best support? Which has all the features according to your requirement? After reading this article you may find the answers of all above questions.

Microsoft OneDrive:

Last week Microsoft also announced 100 GB free storage for the time period of 2 years to create a Bing Reward account. This time Microsoft is offering free 100GB one Drive storage for 1 year to its users. This offer is limited and first 10 million people will redeem it.

You can store any kind of file in this service including videos, documents , photos and can access them any time from any of your window PCs, or mobile device. This service provide same features for iOS and Windows phone. This service closely work with Microsoft office such as Word, powerpoint etc

Microsoft OneDrive offers 15GB free storage for all users in the start.

Its paid storage plans are:

100GB for $1.99 a month

200GB for $3.99 a month

1TB for $6.99 a month (includes access to Office 365 at no extra cost)


Storage device 1



Dropbox is the most favorite and reliable storage service. Your files live in this service and you can get your files anytime from Dropbox’s website, desktop, windows, Applications for Mac, Linux or iOS, Blackberry, Android mobile apps.

There is no size limit of your file which you will upload from your desktop or mobile apps, but the larger files could be take could take several hours depending on your connection speed.

Dropbox offers 2GB free storage for its users.

Its paid storage plans are:

1TB for $9.99 a month (called Dropbox Pro; it’s Dropbox Basic, plus 1TB of space)

“As much as you need” for $15 a month, per user (called Dropbox for Business)


Storage device 2


Google Drive:

Google Drive works with Gmail and Google + photos. Its also works with Documents, sheets, forms, slides, drawings etc. your all documents will save to drive and could be accessible through web, their respective app or Google Drive app. There is one unique feature of this Drive is to the ability to use your Android device to scan your documents automatically and convert them to PDFs. Your files, documents and photos would also  be available offline.

Its provide 15GB free storage and its paid plans are:

100GB for $1.99 a month

1TB for $9.99 a month

10TB for $99.99 a month

20TB for $199.99 a month

30TB for $299.99 a month


Storage device 3


There is also a small comparison for you



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