Child Theme and its Importance.



Child Themes:

Child theme is a theme that obtain the performance and label of another theme called parent theme. Child themes are the suggested form of revising an actual theme.

WordPress parent-child-theme

Uses of Child Theme:

There are many reasons to use child theme but the  most important are:

If you customize a theme without deviation and it is restored, then your customization could be vanished. But by using Child theme you will assure that your customizations are saved.

By using Child Theme you can speed up evolution time.

By using a Child Theme you can learn a lot about the WordPress theme development.

Parent-child theme

Create a Child Theme:

There are three main parts of the Child Theme

One directory

Two files

In the first step, you will have to create a Child theme directory that will be located in wp-content/themes. It is advisable that the name of your Child theme is adjoin with ‘-child’, also make sure that there will be no space in your Child theme directory name, that could be a cause of error.

There are two ways to create a Child Theme
1: With your FTP Program:
2: With your WordPress Dashboard

1: With your FTP Program:

You can make your Child theme folder directly from your FTP program and operate your “wp-content/themes” directory. There you will have to make another folder for Child theme. In the Child theme directory, make a file with the name of “style.css”. there you can plugin your own details like theme name, URL etc.


2: With your WordPress Dashboard:

In second option you can make a local folder on your computer system. Here once again your will have to give it a proper name and save a “style.css” file displaying the below text at the top. Add your own details. On WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance >>>Themes >>> Add new and transfer your new theme.



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