Urdu Typing without Inpage Software & Urdu Langauge Support

Now a days Urdu typing is a very common thing. But you always have to install some software or keyboards to do that.

Many of us often needs to write Urdu in our emails or documents but so far we cannot do it without Inpage or Urdu Keyboard / Urdu Language Support installed in our systems (Windows / Android / MAC)  etc.

But method described in this very useful article, any one can do it without using InPage, or Urdu Language Support / Phonetic Keyboards.

In this article we are introducing you Online Urdu typing facility for which you will not need any software. Since this method is web based, any one can create, save and open document anywhere and through any device … (PC, Laptop, Cell Phone)

You just need a Gmail account for this. Then open Google Docs and choose “Blank” document

Google doc 1

Now Click on the “File”, Then select Language, And choose Urdu from the dropdown options.

Google doc 4

Choose “ Right Alignment”

Here you will find word “Tay” at the right top corner of the page

Click on the “ Tay” and there you will get three different methods to type Urdu in Google Docs.

Click on the 1st option

Google doc 8

Here you can easily type in urdu with the typing in Roman

Google doc 10

Now come to the 2nd option.

After clicking on the second option, a keyboard appear at the right bottom of your page.

Google doc 12

You can type in urdu with help of your mouse

Now click on the 3rd option.

Google doc 13

Here after clicking on the third option you to choose “Urdu key board” from your Keyboard option.

Google doc 14

Google doc 15

You can type in urdu very easily with these 3 options.

First option are for those who do not have urdu programs and keyboards installed

2nd option is also for phonetic keyboard but one can type with the help of mouse too…

3rd option is handy who have urdu settings but want to create / edit online document directly

After typing your desire document, you can save your typing by clicking on the “ Untitled Document” at the top left corner of your page.

Google doc 16

Google doc 17

You can also choose the location of your save file by clicking on the “ folder” on your page.

Google doc 18

Google doc 19

You can also change “ text type”, its size according to your requirement.

Google doc 20

I hope this article will help you a lot in your urdu typing.

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