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It seems very difficult to add music in you iPhone using iTunes. Here we are showing you how to do the with the help of screenshots and description.

1: first of all download iTunes on your PC/Laptop. Add your music file in your iTunes library. Open iTunes , go to “ File”  , choose “ Add File to library”

Its better if you will have music folder, where you store all your music collection, which you want to add in your iTunes library.

iTunes music 1


2: connect your iPhone to your computer through USB connector.

iTunes music 2


3: when your device is connected open iTunes, an “iPhone” button will pop up on the left or right side corner, to get the access to your iPhone setting , click on this button.

4: on the top navigation button, select “ Music”

iTunes music 3


4: make sure “ Sync music” button on the top is checked, now select the songs from you file . if you have “Entire music library” selected, the songs in the library will automatically be added to your iPhone.iTunes music 4


5: click “Apply” button from the bottom of the page , your songs will added to you iPhone.

iTunes music 5

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