Five Solid Methods for Getting Back Your Lost Thumb Drive


If you are really one of them who is always worried to lose their USB Drive, then this article will going to help you a lot.


  1. Use your mobile number as a USB Drive label

Always use a volume label of your mobile phone number, so if you leave your USB somewhere it’ll show your phone number and hopefully someone will recognize it’s a phone number, and call you to tell you they’ve found it.

  1. Tweak Your Autorun Message


Involves editing the autorun.inf file at the root of your thumb drive which will display an “if lost, return to” message (in this case, a phone number) anytime someone plugs the drive:


Add or modify the autorun.inf file at the root of the drive to have this line at top:




And this line somewhere below it:


label=Call (xxx) xxx-xxxx


So if your autorun.inf file looks like this (only the first and last lines matter in this example):










Label=Call (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Then when you plug it into a Windows PC, it should look something look like the above.


  1. Digitally sign your portable media


Seriously though, label a folder SECRET DATA and put a  bunch of image files in there with raunchy sounding file names, and on each one leave your contact information in there.


This will definitely help you to get your USB back.


  1. Just Use a Sticker Already


Last, but certainly not least, several readers pointed out that you can’t get a much better first line of defense.

You can print physical labels (with your name, email address, and phone number) for your portable devices.


  1. Attractive Offer

If you have very important data in your USB then You can also create a folder in your USB with the heading of “ Attractive offer”, where you can mention that the person who will return this USB will get 20 $ in reward.



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