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In this article you will come to know that how can you delete you file directory without sending them to Recycle bin.

It is quite simple and easy. By following some below step you can do it.



There are two ways by which you can delete your files. Here you have to choose which one you want to follow.

First method:

In this method you can simply delete your files by right clicking on them and selecting delete from the menu that will appear after right clicking . this method will delete your files from the current location and send them to the recycle bin.


Second method:

This method will allow you to delete your file from current location and send that to recycle bin + it will also allow you to delete it permanently when necessary.

Change the Deletion option:

1: Right click on the Recycle bin icon and choose the “properties” option from there.


2: In “properties” option choose “Do not move the files to the Recycle Bin” option.


3: After that click on the “ok” button.


4: After done all these, this setting will delete your choose file permanently.

You can reserve this setting by choosing “ custom size” option from there (Unstick the option “Do not move the files to the Recycle Bin” in Windows XP).


In Second Method you can delete one file at a time

1: Right click on the file that you want to delete permanently.


2: Hold down the Shift key from your Keyboard.


3: While holding the Shift key, click Delete or press the Delete/Del button on your keyboard.


4: Confirm the file deletion by clicking on the  “yes” button and your choose  file will be deleted permanently.

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