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The process of making the website  is quite important nowadays, website makers asked you sufficient amount for that, and if you have a website relating to your business, this can cause the growth of your business as well.

In this tutorial we are trying to show you that how can you create our own website by following some simple steps ?

Domain Selection

1: The first and most important thing in creating a website is to choose a proper name with the extension of “.com, .net etc” for your website. It is called “ Domain name”.

You can check the availability of your required domain on some sites like  ,, etc.

create website 1


WebHost Company Selection

2: after choose the name, you have to choose the hosting plan according to yout requirement. Some famous hosting companies are listed below which offered low-cost hosting plan.

These are:

create website 2




Where to get Free Content for website


3: after these 2 you must have a clear image of your website in your mid for example, what of website it should be, which kind of content you need for your website



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Site Layout and Design Resources

4: you can also use templates for this purpose, you can find cheap templates , some famous site are  and  etc.

create website 4


Design Your Website

5: you have to choose that which software you will use to design your website. Some are here:






Choose Banners and Buttons

6: after choose your software, you have to choose buttons, banners ads for your website. If you are not familiar with the use of Photoshop, you can use these website ( , , ) for this purpose. You can easily create advertisement banners for your website with the help of these websites.

create website 6


Support Sites

7: you can find many support site to get the help to design and develop your website, some famous are


W3Schools Online / tutorials


HTML Help Central Forum

create website 7


Search Engine Submission

8: submit your website for free by using search engine submission for example google, yahoo!, msn etc

create website 8

9: you can go through the submission progress, Don’t forget to submit to DMOZ and too.

create website 9


Advertising and Paid Promotion

10: Last but not least advertise your website, you can use Google Ad Words and yahoo to maintain your budget.

create website 10

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