Wireless Mobile charger

wireless charger

The world is moving towards to modern technology and there is a new addition of wireless charger.


In a mobile world congress held in Spain, Barcelona on Thursday 5th of march, many companies announced that in coming days, smartphones could be charged by wireless charger.


Samsung’s new smartphone Galaxy S6 will come with the capability to charge with wireless charger.


Famous Sweden furniture maker company Ikea announced that they are going to introduce bed side tables, lap and desk which will have a space for wireless charger. These items will be introduced in Europe and in south American countries in coming weeks.


Kevin Curran who is the senior member of American institute of electrical and electronics engineers said that this coming year, possibly wireless charger year. Many famous and costly mobiles will come with the facility of wireless charger. You just have to put your phone on special mat or stand,that special mat or stand will be capable of charging smartphone, Bluetooth, handsets, tablets, portable power packs and cameras.


During recent year, different technologies are using for wireless charger, For example, Samsung and Ikea adopted iQ standard for their devices. This system was developed by wireless power Consortium which was established in 2008 by 200 different companies.


If your have a smartphone and you want to know that is it compatible of Qi. For that your smartphone should have Qi logo somewhere on it. To find that logo check your smartphone packing, the manual and the case. The icon is easily identify as it looks like a magnifying glass, focusing in on the letter ‘i’. Other standards are PMA, A4WP.


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