New technology offers never-ending smartphone batteries

If you have seen the Matrix then you definitely remember how humanity in the future was reduced to serving as the batteries for powerful and intelligent machines?

There are some researchers in MIT that are working on the related technology , although it doesn’t mean that we’re wrecked to a dystopian being captured in pods that feed off our life forces. Infact, these researchers have find out  a way to convert the mechanical energy that we create when walking into electrical energy that can be used to charge electronic devices.

Alternatively, you can say that while you’re physically on the move somewhere, your battery could recharge itself in constancy.

Here, you will come to know that how this technology will actually work:

You have to take two thin sheets of lithium alloys that will use as wires and you have to separate them with a sheets of porous polymer that’s wet with liquid electrolyte.

“This device converts mechanical to electrical energy; thus, “it is not defined by the second law of thermodynamics. A resist voltage and electrical current is generated which runs through the external circuit, dividing the two wires.

This capability to create electricity from such small movements means this device could be fixed in wearable electronics that would be powered from everyday motions like walking and swinging your arm.

Output from the new system, which needs only a small amount of bending to produce a voltage, comes in the form of alternating current (AC).

According to the MIT professor Ju Li ,right now current devices that use this technology can achieve 15% efficiency at best, whereas he says in theory it’s possible they will one day achieve 100% efficiency.

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