Intel Compute Stick

Intel recently introduced its new masterpiece with the name of “Intel Compute stick”.

It’s a complete computer on a stick. By using one of its Atom processor Intel managed to pack everything a fully functional PC needs in something the size of a few packs of gum for just $150. While it’s small, about the size of four typical USB sticks joined together. You only need to plug it into a display with an HDMI port, then connect it to power and attach your accessories. It’s a new generation computer. where you can turn any display into a pseudo-desktop in a few minutes. It will change the way IT workers manage computer labs, kiosks and digital signage forever. This Compute Stick gives us a glimpse at a tantalizing future, it’s basically a beta product. It’s only meant for the brave and geeky — not most consumers.

It’s a simple plastic, rectangular black stick, on which you will get one full-sized USB port for your accessories, a micro-USB port that connects to the AC adapter, a micro SD card slot of 128GB more storage space, and a power button with a lone blue power LED.

Intel Compute stick

There’s one major flaw with the Compute Stick’s design, It only has one USB port! Intel conclude that you’ll plug in your own USB hub to get your keyboard, mouse and other accessories connected. But if you don’t have one handy, it can really throw a wrench into the entire setup process. Sure, if you’re buying the Compute Stick, you’ve probably got a hub around, but having a single USB port still isn’t very user-friendly.

Once you’ve arrange the power and input situation, you will notice the same as every other Windows 8 computer. The real magic of Compute Stick will occurs when you connect it to other displays.


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