100 GB free one Drive Storage

Last week Microsoft also announced 100 GB free storage for the time period of 2 years to create a Bing Reward account. This time Microsoft is offering free 100GB one Drive storage for 1 year to its users. This offer is limited and first 10 million people will redeem it.

Here you will know that how can you get this free storage.


1: First of all go to https://preview.onedrive.com/bonus

2: You will have to sign in by using your Microsoft account .

3: After signing in with your Microsoft account, one drive will ask  for the permission to verify your Dropbox account by clicking on “ verify and get my storage”.

DP 1

4: You will get a message that OneDrive will add a “Getting started” document to your Dropbox account . click on the “ Save to Dropbox” button to continue.

DP 2


5: A window will popup and will ask you to sign in to your Dropbox account

DP 3


6: Dropbox will show you the file which you supposed to save , so choose the “ Save” button.

DP 4


7: With the popup window you will be informed that “Your bonus storage was successfully applied” , click on the “ Get Started” button.

DP 5


This whole process might be lengthy , but in the result you will get 100 GB free storage by a few simple clicks.

DP 6

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