YouTube Offline Videos

If you love to watch youtube videos whenever you get some free time but you don’t have super internet connection…


Whatsapp Desktop Version

Yes there is another exciting news for Whatsapp lovers, now you can enjoy your favorite messaging app on your desktop….

Whatsapp desktop app image.3

Whatsapp Desktop app

  Another wonderful announcement from Whatsapp. Today whatsapp introducing an app for its desktop users. Now can be  in touch…

Windows_10 image

Useful Tips and Tricks of Windows 10

Here we are going to tell you  most useful tips and tricks about Windows 10 that you must know. There…

Top 5 cheapest smartphones

Top 5 Low budget smartphones

Today’s era is the era of smart phones. Everyone wants to get modern smartphones who can keep them in touch with…

Alarm & Clock app image

Alarm & Clock app of Windows 10

It’s a time when you can set an alarm and timer on your PCs, Laptop and tablet by using Windows…