Windows smartphones coming soon

According to the report of last month, Microsoft is going to introduce windows 10 operating system in the middle of 2015, now this is confirmed by Microsoft that the smartphones that will run on windows 10 operating system will be introduce in summer season between June to September.

Microsoft also confirmed that Lumia phones will not be upgraded to windows 10. Microsoft said after upgrading Lumia phones to windows 10, most of its features will not work properly. While Lumia devices, Lumia 735, Lumia 435 and Lumia 930 will be upgraded to windows 10.
More helpfully for everyday workflow, Windows 10 will condense the Control Panel and the modern UI PC Settings into a single interface, eliminating Windows 8’s maddening insistence on dumping crucial system tools into two separate locations.

Now, during the design of a new Windows, we spend time with many diverse customers. One of the most important of these customers is the enterprise. In the past year I’ve talked to dozens of enterprise customers and listened to how they are using and deploying Windows, and what they need from us.
These customers are betting their businesses on Windows – in the first half of this year, shipments of enterprise PCs grew 14%. In that same time period, shipments of Windows enterprise tablets grew 33%.

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