Introduction of MS word

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Microsoft Word is a distinctly word processing program, it is made by Microsoft, it is very helpful in writing document and save it for further uses.

In this article you will learn the very basic things about the Word that would be really helpful for the new Word user.

Title bar:

Ms word 2

This is the title bar of your of your Word document. It is located at the top of your page. It will show the name of your document which you will give to your recent working document.

Menu bar:

Ms word 3

The next bar is the Menu bar. There you will find File, Edit, View, Insert, and Format, Tools, Table, Windows and help.


Ms word 4

Ms word 4.1


This is your third bar and it is located under the Menu bar. There you will find two kinds of Toolbars.

The Standard Toolbar

Ms word standard toolbar


From there you can create your new document


From there you can retrieve your existing document


You can save your current document on your desired location


This option will help you to get the Print version ( soft copy) of your MS word document.

Print preview:

It will show the look of your document when you will print it.

Spell Checker:

You can check the spelling and grammatical error of your current document.


You can cut the selected text area and places it on the clipboard


Pastes the clipboard content  to a new location.

Format Painter:

It will copy the formatting of the selected text to a new text selection.


Undoes the last change that you have made in your document


Redoes the last action that was undone

Insert Hyperlink:

You can create the hyperlink from the selected text

Web Toolbar:

It will show you web toolbar

Tables toolbar:

It will show you tables toolbar

Insert table:

This will help you to insert table in your document.

Insert Excel Worksheet:

By using this option you can insert Excel Worksheet

Text Column:

You can change the number of text columns per page


This will show you Drawing toolbar

Document map:

From there you can change the view of the document

Show/ Hide Non-print Character:

This will show/hide non-print characters like symbol of new paragraph.


Reduce the document contents

Office Assistant:

Help function


The Formatting Toolbar:

Ms word formatting toolbar


It will change the style of the selected text


It will change the font of the selected text

Font Size:

You can change the font size from this option


It will make your font bold


It will make your font Italic


It will underline your selected text

Align left:

Align the selected text left


Center your selected text

Align right:

Align the selected text right


Justifies your selected text


You can give numbers to your text


Create the bulleted list with your selected text

Decrease Indent:

It will decrease the indentation of the selected paragraph

Increase Indent:

It will increase the indentation of the selected paragraph


You can create boarder around your text.


You can highlight your text by using this option

Font color:

You can change your font color from there.


To display the both Toolbar, click on the “View” in Menu bar.

Highlight the Toolbar

There you will see Standard and Formatting toolbar option, if both have check mark next to them, then press ESC three time to close the Menu.

The Ruler:

Ms word 5

The ruler is normally appear under the main toolbar. It is use to change the Format of the document.

To display the Ruler in your document:

Click on the View in the menu bar.

The Ruler option should have check box in front of it. If not then click on the Ruler and it will appear on your document.

Document View:

In MS Word you will find five different views of your document

Normal view, Web layout, Print layout, Reading layout and Outline view.

Normal View:

It is most often use view and shows pattern like line spacing, font size, italic style, bold style, point size.

Web layout:

This will show your document as it would be appear on your web browser.

Print layout:

This will show that how your document will look when it is printed.

Reading layout:

This will let you to read your document in more comfortably.

Outline View:

This option will show your document in outline format. Heading can be displayed without text and if you remove heading the leading text moves with it.

Text Area:

Ms word 6


Under the Ruler bar there is wide white area that is call your Text Area, where you can write your text.


Status bar:

Ms word Staus bar

You can see this bar at the bottom of your Word page. This will show the information about your current document like page no, line no etc.

Exiting Word:

After make your document ready and save it, and click on the Exit at the bottom of the drop-down menu.


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