Minimize and maximize text size on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch

If you are unhappy with iOS’ default text size for some reason, That’s the time when you can change it in so many increments,

In addition to the default text adjustment slider, which lets you decrease and grow the text across a few nominate levels, you can also make use of two little known options hidden within iOS to get even more text size adjustment freedom.

In this tutorial you will come to know that how to overthrow text size on iOS and forget about letter proportion problems forever and ever,

But you will need iOS device running version 8 and later for this.

minimize and maximize text size 1

1: Open the ‘Settings’ app and tap the ‘Display & Brightness’ category. Once inside, head to the ‘Text Size’ menu.

2: Here, you will find a slider that’s used to shrink or enlarge the text inside iOS’ menus. Drag it in the left or right direction, depending on what you want to achieve, and see whether you can get the text small or big enough for your liking!


If you find yourself wanting a text size that’s even bigger or times smaller than what Apple seems to think it’s right, fret not! There’s another option hidden inside iOS’ settings menu that will let you increase the number of available min and max font sizes. We’ll show you how to get there in the next slide.

minimize and maximize text size 3

3: Go back to the ‘Settings’ menu, and this time, tap through to


‘General’ > ‘Accessibility’.


Inside this category, flip the ‘Larger Accessibility Sizes’ switch. You will gain additional levels of text size adjustment inside the menu, letting you grow those letters to definitely Oversized, or the adverse, make them nigh-on microscopic!


Hold on, though. You can make the letters even more visible and in your face. Yes, iOS lets you do that by bolding the text across menus. We’ll tell you more about this option in the next slide.

minimize and maximize text size 4

4: Go back to the ‘Settings’ menu, and tap ‘Display & Brightness’. Once there, flip the ‘Bold text’ switch and be prepared to have your iDevice restarted. Once that’s done, you will be able to witness the glorious bold text result for yourself!


If you want to undo the changes, just go back to the relevant menus at any time, and restore the settings and knob as they used to be.


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