Bionic Hands

It’s a first time that Doctors are successful to replace a hand disable by injury and it can be controlled with the mind.

Bionic hand

Dr. Oskar Aszmann, who is working in medical university in Vena, has introduced this procedure with the help of his friends. In the press release of news agency Associated press Dr Oskar said that the first time we have “bionically reconstructed” a hand. We replace a hand that can be controlled with the mind. According to him, in this method injured hand separate voluntarily, transplant of nerve and muscles, and training to move hands development through the brain was involved.

The three Australian patients have had their injured hands replaced with bionic once that they can control with their nerves and muscles transplanted into their arms from their legs. Training is given to the patient after surgery۔ Dr. Oskar said these patients have to take antirejection medicines for the rest of their lives.

Milorad marinkovic,who is 30 years old, lost his hands before 10 years in the motorcycle accident, now after bionic replacement, he can hold things like sandwich and bottle of water, Milorad said after this transplant I can play with my three kids, I can throw things but it is still hard to catch something because this bionic hand is still not quick as my natural hand is.

This transplant procedure will cost around 30,000 Euro.

Bionic hand 1

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