Artificial vaccine introduced to root out polio

To root out the polio from all over the world, an international team of scientist are ready to work on artificial vaccine.

It is going to an end from all over the world as only few cases are reported yearly. The financial supporter of this plan believe that this new artificial vaccine will be work better the old one, and hopefully after that it will completely get rid of.


An international health organization and the charity organization of Microsoft’s owner “ Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation” will provide 6,74,000$ for this purpose.

This programe was properly announced at the annual meeting of the “ American association for advancement of science” which was held in San Jose, California.

A joint team of American and Britian scientist will work on it.

There was a time when thousands kids and elders were suffering with polio, but now only 350 cases reported yearly from all over the world, and more found from Pakistan.

It would be a long and frustrating procedure , the virus which is using against polio is very weak. Due to that vaccine people got infection in their entrails, A synthetic vaccine would fulfil this role without the inherent danger of accidental release of virus.

The team of specialist said, that they are very hopeful with this artificial vaccine.


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