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From last six months Facebook was working on its new product aimed objectively at the business market under the working title, FB@Work.

Now that product is officially coming to light: today the company is launching new iOS and Android apps called “Facebook At Work,” along with a version of Facebook at Work available via its main website, which will let businesses create their own social networks amongst their employees that are built to look and act like Facebook itself.

With the help of this new app Employers can create separate log-ins for employees to use with their Work accounts, or users can link these up with their other profiles to approach everything in one place.

Facebook wouldn’t show me a demo ahead of the launch but according to spokesperson from Facebook, “When an employer accept Facebook at Work, they can create it with a set of new accounts. Users can then link their work and personal accounts together so that they are logged into both at the same time.”

iOS users can download it from here

Android users can download it from here


Courtesy to TechCrunch

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