Facebook Sports Stadium



Facebook launched its new feature for all its sports lovers. Its called Facebook Sport Stadium.

This will be a dedicated place to experience sports in real-time with your friends and the world.

It would be a virtual area where you, your friends and 650 million users on the social network can chat about games, game stats, teams, devices, news and more. It will also element live play by play action like just you had see on Sports Channels but with more of a society around the discussion.

You can also see posts from your friends, their comments on games, like teams, clubs and news, posts and remarks from experts, with easily connected  to their Pages, live scores, stats and a live game info, like where to find the game on TV, etc.

Anyone can follow the game action as the game turns with a live play and even like, comment on and share personal plays. Users can also get speed promptly live scores and the most discussed plays. It is a second screen experience that makes watching the transmission even better.

This is not the first time that Facebook has planned out ways to get conversations taking amongst its increasing community so it looks that Facebook experiments worked out good in the past also.

To access the Facebook Sports Stadium, search by game in Facebook’s main app. There you will get a dashboard featuring news, discussion , live scores, specific plays, and much more. It is designed to operate as a second-screen experience, when you are watching your favorite team score, you can chat all you want or discuss about the ongoing play and previous games.

Depending sports is not anything new for the social network and the difference is that now it has a committed space. You could post that you were watching a specific game as a status update and your post would be shown along with the present game score, where it is played, status of the game.

With this new step, Facebook is focusing to fascinate more people away from Twitter and bring the real-time chats right into its social network platform. Just wait until football season is over, basketball is supported, then, finally the T20 World Cup and even the Word Olympics yet to come.

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