Textural Text in Adobe Photoshop

You will find a wide range of text designing in Adobe Photoshop. In this post you will come to know that how can you make a textural text in Adobe Photoshop.

1: Open a new file in Adobe Photoshop according to your text.






2: Right Click on the layer



3:  Choose the  “Blending Option”




4: Choose the “ Drop Shadow”  and choose following setting.

Blend mode: Multiply

Opacity: 64 %

Angle: 120 degree

Tick at “ Use Global Light”

Distance: 2 px

Spread: 27 px

Size: 3 px

Tick at “Layer knocks out Drop Shadow

Noise: 0 %




5: Choose “ outer Glow” and do this setting

Blend mode: Normal

Opacity: 100 %

Noise: 19 %

Technique: Softer

Spread: 12 %

Size: 16 %

Unmarked Anti-Aliased

Range: 100 %

Jitter 0 %



6: Choose “ Bevel and Emboss” and do this setting

Style: inner bevel

Technique: smooth

Depth: 221 %

Direction : up

Size: 9 px

Soften: 0 px

Angle: 120 degree

Attitude: 61 degree

Highlight mode: screen



6: Choose “texture” from the texture option




7: “Satin” setting should be like this

Blend mode: Multiply

Opacity: 19 %

Angle: 19 degree

Distance: 11 px

Size: 14 px

Unmarked Anti-aliased and invert



8: Choose “Color Overlay” and select your desire color

Blend mode: Normal

Opacity: 100 %

9: Choose “Stroke”,

Size: 2

Position: outside

Blend Mode: Normal

Opacity: 100 %


Click on the OK


Here your text is ready.

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