Create a water scene in Adobe Photoshop

In this post you will come to know how to create a water scene in Adobe Photoshop.

Open your picture in Adobe Photoshop

WS 1


Choose the rectangular Marquee tool

WS 2


Set a fixed ratio

WS 3


Select that particular area of the picture that you like most

WS 4


Copy that square and paste it in to the new layer and hide the background layer

WS 5


Press Alt+ Ctrl and drag to duplicate the photo

WS 6


Now you have to transform to flip the image vertical

WS 7


Move it into the place

WS 8


Lock the Duplicate layer

WS 9


Now open Liquify

You can increase and decrease brush sizes by using the bracket keys, Do not go over the edges as you create the water effect. Once you have done click “OK”.

WS 10


Click on the Mask icon to create a Mask. Choose the Gradient tool to create a black to white gradient – and apply it to the photo and make sure that the  mask chip is selected in the layers palette.

WS 11


You may have to make many attempts to get the right gradient applied but it should turn out to look like something the photo below –

WS 12

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